Rosenice awaken your beauty and wellness,look younger.

About Us - Rosenice

Rosenice is a brand dedicated to health and beauty that has been established for more than ten years. With our mission to "provide effective health tools for customers", we are committed to developing high-quality guasha products.

Our products use 100% natural gemstone materials and combine traditional Chinese medicine theories to bring healing through simple operations. Every guasha board we manufacture is a genuine handcrafted piece that emphasizes quality and utility value.

Rosenice always adheres to the brand concept of "focus, meticulousness and innovation". Over the past decade, we have been constantly enriching our product lines, upgrading technology and optimizing costs and services to meet customers' changing needs.

The Rosenice team brings together experts in the fields of guasha instruction, traditional Chinese medicine, craftmanship, chemistry, design and more, to provide customers with health programs that have been tested through practice.

In the future, Rosenice will continue to focus on the "health and beauty" domain, providing simple yet fairy tale-like a good life. We will listen to every customer's voice, constantly innovate our products and services, in order to make a small but positive impact on society.  

This is Rosenice. We believe in the beauty of handmade art, believe in the tranquility and tolerance of Eastern philosophy, and believe in the happiness brought about by small changes. That is why we are willing to do our utmost to share this joy with you.

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