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ROSENICE Motion Sickness Bands - 8 Pairs of Natural Acupressure Nausea Relief Wristbands Anti Nausea

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Motion sickness is very common in our daily life. And pills often have side effects to us. This soft elastic wristband has the same effect with the pills and it does not have any side effect, very helpful and effective. It is designed for motion, sea, morning sickness, travel, chemotherapy and more.

- Color: orange, green, purple, pink, white, blue, yellow, gray
- Material: Spandex and cotton.
- Size: 3 x 5 cm.
- Effectively prevent nausea in the course of traveling.
- One size fits for all, very elastic and harmless to skin.
- No side effect, easy to use. Suitable for adult and kids.

- Must aim the right position of your hand with the plastic ball, details are shown in the picture for your reference.
- Put the button facing downward over the Nei-Kuan point and press the button for 2 minutes.
-Make sure both wrists are wearing the wristbands,which has a better effect. and then it will work after few minutes.

Package Including:
8 pairs of motion sickness relief wristbands

Product Specification

HEALTHY AND EFFECTIVE. Wear and place the round button between the two ribs of inside wrist (Neiguan Point), It will bring better effect when two hands wear simultaneously.
NO SIDE EFFECTS. Relieve the discomfort caused by carsickness, seasickness with high reliability but no side effects
HOW TO WORK. It works by pressing the special acupuncture points with special plastic ball to achieve balance, which make you feel comfortable without drugs.
FOR ALL PEOPLE. Suitable for all people, ideal for adults and children, especially for women.
FOR VARIOUS OCCASSIONS. Use it for travel, car, air, mornining sickness, enjoy your journey and pregnancy time.

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