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Healifty 5pcs Natural Bamboo Eco Friendly Wooden Toothbrush Tooth Brush with Soft Black Bristle

PRICE: $6.99

Why do you have chosen our toothbrushes? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends to change your toothbrush every 3 months. After normal wear your begin bristles worn and create a less effective toothbrush. Clinical studies have shown that a worn Toothbrush less plaque removes than having to install a brand new toothbrush. Your Brush helps to a wide range of bacteria. Recommend the healthy man Verstands practices can also be used to replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Our bamboo toothbrush set is a perfect gift idea for friends and family alike.
- Color: As shown. – Material: Bamboo. – Size: 18.8x3x1.8 cm. – Natural Anti-Bacterial biodegradable bamboo handle has an ergonomic design, easy to use.
Stain – Thick Cleaning Power, capability – Coffee, Tea, Red Wine and cigarette smoke can be effectively removed and terrible teeth in terrible jaws can brighten up. – No dirt, environmentally disposed of toothbrush can be fitted securely, by checking your TV compost or landfill for traced back to the lips.
, Holds a significant part in to maintain a healthy gums for oral care. The highest quality, extra soft bristles protect protects your gums from the bleeding or scratching, so you can easily and safely brushes, which makes it ideal for delicate gum paste.
Package including
5 x Bamboo Handle Toothbrushes    

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