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ROSENICE Wrist Support Brace Wrist Splint Breathable Compression Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel Tendo

PRICE: $14.99

A good wrist brace for aiding in recovery from injury to the hand or wrist, and can also be used to alleviate pain caused by carpal tunnel, arthritis, or tendonitis. Ideal for active users, this support is designed to be lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable.
- Color: Black.
- Material: Non-woven, nylon, aluminum alloy
- Length: 23.5 cm (suitable for wrist of 12-22 cm perimeter)
- High quality for repeated and long-time use.
- Provides the highest level of comfort with a high level of wrist support.
- Lightweight and breathable, keeping your hand cool and comfortable.
- Suitable for wrist sprain, stable fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist joint dislocation, fractures recovery, etc.

Product Specification

Ergonomic design, easy to wear and flexibly adjustable.
Removable aluminum alloy support bars are easy to clean. Hook and loop design is helpful to take out the bar and prevent it from scratching skin when in use.
Removable and adjustable strap, soft and comfortable liner, meet your different needs, and suitable for most wrists.
3 aluminum alloy support bars are easy to use. For fixing wrist well, you just need to place the curved support bar on the palm side.
Nylon-wrapped edges, durable and do not hurt your hands.

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