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ROSENICE 3D Mesh Insulation Pad Baby Waterproof Urine Cotton Pad Newborn Infant Bed Pad Menstruation

PRICE: $19.99

This pad can be used as menstrual pad blanket, bed cover, sofa pad, stroller pad, baby mattress, crawling mat, Toddlers Potty-Training, etc. Use it for your toddler or baby, menstrual period lady, menstruation women. It is great gift for your family which can ensure them great sleep.

- Color: As shown.
- Material: organic cotton and organic bamboo
- Size: 120 x 70 cm.
- Highly absorbent.
- Waterproof mattress pad protect your mattress and bedding.
- Creative design makes you feel comfortable when sleeping.
- It is great gift for your family which can ensure them great sleep.
- Soft feeling gives the baby a more comfortable sleep,waterproof and save your time to clean.

Product Specification

Super absorbent polymer layer, quickly absorb liquid and keep the surface layer dry.
Unique embossment design, form a grid for even distribution and rapid absorption of liquid.
Breathable surface layer made of cotton, wick away moisture, no worries about bed sores, gentle care for skin.
Soft leak-proof bottom film, prevent liquid from permeating into the sheet.

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